Milton Keynes was designed with the future in mind. It was the swinging ‘sixties; Britain was cool and a new post-war generation had come of age. Milton Keynes was built to provide clean, modern factories, purpose-built office blocks of steel and glass, new modern shopping malls and bright, continental style modern housing estates; all surrounded by trees, all designed to provide a new quality of life for workers and their families.

So much has happened since Milton Keynes was first imagined. This future dream was one that didn’t anticipate the rise of globalisation, the decline of British manufacturing and the coming of the Internet and the digital age. Now Milton Keynes is fifty and we have a chance to dream again. What might the next fifty years hold for the city?

The artists we have chosen for this year’s Digitalis help us to playfully revisit and re-evaluate our city’s past and re-imagine our role as citizens in the telling of the city’s story and its drawing up the plans for future growth. And we want to hear from you – share with us the city’s personal histories and myths, help us remap the city from the perspective of those that live here. Together we can share what the city is, how it feels to live here and, if we dream big enough and work hard enough, what it might yet become.

Digitalis is a partnership between Threshold Studios, Milton Keynes Libraries and Milton Keynes Council and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.